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Legal Requirements

3/2002. (II.3.) SzCsM-EüM is the regulation in effect regarding the minimum protection requirements for the workplace.

The 6.§ (4) paragraph, point c. states that if ventilation systems are present, prompt and regular cleaning and removal of any accumulated dust is required.

The 6.§ (6) paragraph states that installation and use of ventilation systems requires regular measurements to ensure proper air quality and throughput.

The 6.§ (7) paragraph determines that ventilation systems are considered safety equipment. Thus, their proper functioning is to be ensured by regular safety inspections.

The law relating to worker protection, 1993. XCIII. law 33. §. 1. paragraph states that the employer must take into account the number workers, the type of work performed, and the potential health risks when determining the proper quality and quantity of ventilation required for healthy air and temperature of the workplace.

According to the 2002 modification of the MSZ 04-135-1: 1982 standard, quantity of workplace ventilation must be determined.

The MSZ 21875-2: 1990 standard is in effect, and relates to the heating and ventilation requirements of the workplace. The standard states that ventilation systems must be designed such that their operation and modification must not in any way interfere with their regular cleaning.

The MSZ EN ISO 16017-2: 2004 standard is in effect, and relates to sampling and inspection of volatile organic material.

The MSZ EN 12097: 2006 standard is in effect. The standard is connected to the elements of the air duct system with respect to its maintenance.

MSZ EN 12097:2006 mentions the VDI 6022 standards, which state: central ventilation systems with humidity controls must be inspected at least every 2 years. Ventilation systems without humidifiers must be inspected at least every 3 years. dust pollution ratings and limits in the EU

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