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Air quality at the workplace

Proper air quality at the workplace is not just a hygienic issue, but is a responsibility of the employer. Build-up of bacteria in the system can cause several different diseases. A dirty ventilation system results in air quality that deviates from the norm and thus reduces the level of comfort and, potentially significantly, raises dust levels. Dust settles on the caloriferes that were installed in the duct or the ventilator, and air volume throughput is thus reduced. This results in a lower efficiency for not only heating the air, but also for regulating humidity levels.

Dirt can also put additional strain on the bearings of fans, reducing their efficiency and eventually creating the need for additional repairs. Bacteria and mold in the humidifier can not only help spread various diseases, but the slightly acidic waste they produce will inevitably speed up the corrosion process.

Along with the technical and hygienic reasons for cleaning ventilation systems, heating and cooling systems, and the duct network, it is also important to keep in mind the related legal requirements, which necessitate such cleaning and disinfection.

The second step is the cleaning and disinfection of the ventilation system. During the procedure, it is important to use special chemicals that were developed specifically with this process in mind. In addition, the duct system is not only closed, but due to its installation, there are typically quite a few segments where it is inaccessible directly (non-removable ceiling tiles, other utility pipes, etc.). Thus special tools are required to properly facilitate the cleaning process.

In accordance with today’s EU and the EU-VDI 6022 German standards, every filter replacement is accompanied with such an oxidation spray into the ventilators. We recommend this, because it is safe both for humans and animals. It is especially effective against Legionella and Asperfillus-flavus bacteria and mold. These micro-organisms are responsible for the most serious respiratory illnesses, thus it is important to spray the disinfectant each time the filter is replaced. Its regular use kills all viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold in the air duct. In Hungary, air duct cleaning is typically quite rare and the disinfectant is almost never used, despite the fact that it is MSZ, ÉN regulation.

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