Pap Légtechnika Kft.

Cleaning Of Dusty Air Duct

The necessity of cleaning round and rectangular dusty air ducts - unless it is clear upon initial inspection - is determined based on the guidelines set forth by the MSZ EN 12097:2006 standards.


We examine the building’s air duct network using special cameras, determine the number of potentially necessary new access openings, and then prepare a price quote. The inspections costs 40.000 HUF + VAT. This is only charged if our Customer chooses not to order the cleaning within 3 months after the initial inspection.

Cleaning process

If the necessity of cleaning is not absolutely clear from initial inspection, then ANTSZ (OKK) takes a sample, which is used to determine dust concentration of the surface.First we use our duct cleaning machines to loosen the dust (in both round and rectangular ducts). Next, we use a special vacuum and diffuser to collect the dust into an enclosed, 200 litre dust bag via the access openings. We transport and properly dispose of all dust, which is considered hazardous waste, and include all appropriate documentation.

Work documentation

Photos (and videos upon request) will be given to our Customers on CD documenting the original state and the resulting state of the ventilation system.

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