Pap Légtechnika Kft.

Dry-Ice Cleaning

Keeping fans, caloriferes, and heat-recycling systems clean significantly increases their life-span, effectiveness, and energy-efficiency.


We inspect the number of fans, caloriferes, and heat-recycling sytems’ m2 that need to be cleaned.

Cleaning process

With the dry-ice method, we spray dry-ice granulate throughout the duct using variable high-pressure air. The quantity and pressure can be set such that it protects even the most delicate of surfaces, while still providing an effective way to remove even the most stubborn pollutants.

The -80 degree C dry-ice granulate gives the grease pollutants a “cold shock”, which thus contract and fall off due to the evaporating gas. The dry-ice heats up and evaporates completely while the the pollutants are now loose and easily removed.

After cleaning, the surface is completely dry, and does not require any additional handling.

The evaporating carbon dioxide has no negative environmental effects.

Following the cleaning process, the systems are once again capable of performing at the efficiency and capacity for which they were originally designed.

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