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Cleaning Of Greasy Air Duct

ISO 14001

The necessity of cleaning round and rectangular greasy air ducts is determined based on the rules set forth by the 35/1996 34.§ (4.) OTH regulations.


We examine the building’s air duct network using special cameras, determine the number of potentially necessary new access openings, and then prepare a price quote. The inspections costs 40.000 HUF + VAT. This is only charged if our Customer chooses not to order the cleaning within 3 months after the initial inspection.

Cleaning process

The ducts’ current state, its size, its attributes, and the ease of access will all influence the specific process.

This might mean hand or machine cleaning. Machine cleaning can be done with steam cleaning or using the dry-ice process.

During the steam cleaning process, the pre-washed and closed-off round or rectangular duct is flooded with 150 degree C steam. The specific content of the pre-wash chemicals are determined by the type of pollution in the duct. All chemicals we use are safe and have the appropriate documentation.

The steam dissolves the grease which we then flush from the system after it turns into liquid form.

With the dry-ice method, we spray dry-ice granulate throughout the duct using variable high-pressure air. The quantity and pressure can be set such that it protects even the most delicate of surfaces, while still providing an effective way to remove even the most stubborn pollutants.

The -80 degree C dry-ice granulate gives the grease pollutants a “cold shock”, which thus contract and fall off due to the evaporating gas. The dry-ice heats up and evaporates completely while the the pollutants are now loose and easily removed. After cleaning, the surface is completely dry, and does not require any additional handling. The evaporating carbon dioxide has no negative environmental effects.

We transport and properly dispose of any hazardous waste that is produced during the hand or machine cleaning process, and provide customers with the documentation required..

Work documentation

Photos (and videos upon request) will be given to our Customers on CD documenting the original state and the resulting state of the ventilation system.

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